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Healthcare Staffing

  • Job posts that are concise, devoid of fancy buzzwords, maximizing your agency’s outreach at half the costs.
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Healthcare Staffing

The ever-changing healthcare field will face serious talent crunch in the coming years as half of the end patient care providers will reach their retirement age. In early 2019, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) revealed that the US will face critical shortages of clinical providers by the year 2032. Secondly, more students are choosing self-serving careers over professions that care for others, making the competition to find the best talents, fiercer.

We understand the struggle of Healthcare agencies to find qualified and compassionate healthcare workers. Finding and employing professional healthcare workers and their retention may seem like an easy job at first glance. But it is daunting to supply a never-ending pool of high-quality candidates that can reflect in the quality of patient care for your clients (Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities etc.,) because of the administrative hassles that come with it.


Why work with us? We take away most of your hassles...

  • With thorough grasp of the U.S health care system, Licensure and certification processes, our team knows exactly what to look for, the right questions to ask and can read any warning signs early on.
  • With our detailed CV assessments and phone screens with position targeted questions you get access to more, better candidates to interview, making the shortlisting process quicker and cost effective.
  • Reading and understanding a healthcare requirement requires familiarity with healthcare jargon and can lift half the load of finding the right fit. Streamlined recruiting processes by our knowledgeable recruiters, who can create easy to read effective job descriptions with the right qualifications & skill requirements - for you to focus on the most important things, scheduling your providers, signing new contracts and growing your business.
  • We know that document collection, credential review, effective communication with references and following up with potential candidates is an integral part of healthcare recruiting. Our recruiters work in shifts to complete all the administrative burdens for you.
  • With us, acquiring a talent pipeline and passive candidates go beyond the norms (not limited to social media, emails and the cold calling) but also by finding (targeted job ads) and assisting the healthcare workers moving into your area to make the right choices and build long term relationships.
  • We know how important branding of your agency is. It is not just in recruitment, but your business as a whole. We will represent you professionally throughout the entire process and also ensure that candidates get a feel for your agency as an organization, its value and culture.

Service Provided:

Credential and Compliance verification services are critical to healthcare workers in a clinical setting, ensuring candidates are eligible for the jobs they have applied, which includes relevant certifications, license and live scan verification, drug screening, skills assessment, physical fitness and Immunization records.

  • A thorough applicant screening by seasoned recruiters that verifies the applicant’s identity, employment, experience and education credentials to gain critical information about their past history that isn’t always apparent on an application or interview.
  • Consultation on guided document submissions for newbies to turn them into potential hires of the future.

Job posts that are concise, devoid of fancy buzzwords, maximizing your agency’s outreach at half the costs.

Companies and Agencies want to cut down costs on in-house recruitment. Many use AI and chatbots to filter CV’s based on keyword searches. However, recruitment is an intensely personal thing and job posts play a key role in healthcare recruitment.

Using the right words and tone that’s compelling, adding keywords to optimize search results makes it easier for the right applicants to find you and lowered attrition rates. A poorly written job posting can attract too many unqualified people wasting everyone’s time and resources.

  • Our recruiters have expertise in understanding the specific skill requirements for your positions and identifying not just enough number of candidates with keywords but the right candidates by detailed CV assessments and fair salary negotiations.

The best cost-effective staffing support you can find in the market plus lowered attrition rates equals a successful business.

The screening process in healthcare recruitment requires the candidates to pass many tests and acquire multiple certifications as required by the profession and state. These are tedious and lengthy processes, which can ultimately cause applicant frustration and drop-off.

We overcome common healthcare recruitment obstacles by customizing the screening questions for your positions and giving candidates more control and visibility into the selection process to quickly follow your agency’s hiring procedures. As a result, your company will attract and possess phenomenal workers with low attrition rates and your success story will follow.