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Big Data Solutions

In the digital world that we live in today, increased digitization of structured and unstructured data being created and stored is exploding. The data is generated from various sources - transactions, social media, sensors, digital images, videos, audios and clickstreams for domains including healthcare, retail, energy and utilities. In addition to business and organizations, individuals contribute to the data volume.

It is increasingly becoming imperative for organizations to mine this data to stay ahead in the competition. Analyzing data can provide significant competitive advantage for an enterprise. The data when analyzed properly leads to a wealth of information which helps the businesses to redefine strategies. However the current volume of big data sets are too complicated to be managed and processed by conventional relational databases & data warehousing technologies.

Big Data is a relatively new phenomenon. As with any new adoption, the adoption of Big Data depends on the tangible benefits it provides to Business. Large data sets which are considered as information overload are invariably treasure troves for business insights. The volume of data sets has immense value that can improve the business forecast, help in decision making, deciding business strategies over the competitors.

At AIT, we build business aligned solutions, develop current process and provide other services from strategy to realization, enabling enterprises to develop a data management system in an integrated cohesive environment by combining current BI platforms with the Hadoop ecosystem and all other big data technologies.

AIT over the last decade has acquired deep business domain and technology expertise to help enterprises identify business use cases, evolve the information management & big data strategy. Our experts define the architecture, evaluate & recommend the required enabling technologies in support of the business goals. We then translate the strategy into manageable phased plans providing incremental business capabilities and results.

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